Prescription Date Stamp

£35.25 exc VAT

Prescription Stamp
(Self-inking - Plastic Cased)

Equivalent self-inking stamps: Colop Printer Q30 Dater, Trodat 4723 Shiny S-530D, STM260

•Compact Impression size 30 x 25mm.
•This self-inking stamp is constructed from tough heavy-duty plastic resulting in a long lasting stamp capable of providing thousands of clear impressions over many years.
•The stamp comes with its own ink pad, which is easily replaced adding to the life of the stamp.
•Date change is quick and easy with turning wheels.

•Ink pad colours available: black, red, blue, green, violet and dry.

•Enter the text you require in the boxes below, don't worry if your text is longer than the space provided. (2 lines above the date and 2 below)